What are penthouses and how popular are they in India?

What is a penthouse?

As per the Oxford Dictionary, a penthouse is ‘a costly and agreeable flat or set of rooms at the highest point of a tall structure’.

At the point when the idea previously got well known, developers followed the term’s unique definition. Going ahead, the term was additionally used to characterize an elite flat on different floors, as developers realized the chance of creating higher benefits with the penthouse idea.

The idea originally acquired popularity in major worldwide business areas, where privacy and space progressively turned out to be elusive in the midst of rising populace. Detecting the demand, developers began building penthouses on the highest level of apartment structures and charged a premium for such units. As demand designs advanced, developers began making changes in the structure construction to oblige more penthouses, which could be fabricated anyplace in the structure. A structure created in different levels like, say, a wedding cake, could have a few penthouses.


All the more as of late, developers utilize the term penthouse considerably more openly to characterize selective units in lodging projects that have more extravagant highlights than the excess units, on account of their locational benefit and conveniences.

It will likewise be right to say that inside the extravagance real estate market, there is a sub-market that could be arranged as the penthouse market. Financial backers in this classification, who pine for privacy and worth uniqueness, look for the best apartment inside a fabulous undertaking and are regularly able to dish out a premium, to get a particularly extravagant unit.

In any case, as penthouses are not exceptionally regular in India, developers for the most part adhere to the standard definition, when they market the item. A penthouse in India is fundamentally a penthouse in the conventional sense.

Facilities offered in penthouses

A penthouse would have an open porch that is elite to the proprietor. These units additionally convey extravagant indoor fittings. In contrast to a customary unit, the roof is likewise a lot higher in a penthouse and it has a different format plan and extravagance conveniences, including recreation center, pools and some of the time even private lifts.

The target segment

As penthouses in India are compared with exclusivity and superficial points of interest, developers give close consideration to their target crowd. Penthouses are by and large liked by VIPs, particularly in Mumbai, India’s monetary capital, which is additionally home to money rich Bollywood stars and driving names from the universe of sports. They are a top pick among anybody with the correct buying power, like finance managers, non-occupant Indians (NRIs), high-total assets chiefs, and so forth

Benefits of a penthouse

Privacy, porch space and high roofs are the common highlights of penthouses that differentiate it from normal homes.

Unhampered view: Penthouses for the most part give abundant regular light and ventilation and an unhindered view of the environmental factors. These are things that relatively few might have the option to manage in a major city. These units offer more harmony and calm, in view of the arrangement of the units.

Exclusivity: In India, the responsibility for penthouse would be viewed with appreciation among your friends. The proprietor of a penthouse regularly appreciates an assortment of administrations that others in a similar structure don’t get.

Downturn evidence investment: Unlike in western nations, where penthouses are accessible in huge numbers, developers in India have been cautious, in launching projects with penthouses. Within the sight of restricted inventory, estimations of penthouses keep on developing. However long the stockpile is lower than the absolute demand, there is no motivation to be stressed over esteem deterioration.

As indicated by Modi, industrialists, corporate pioneers, NRIs and conspicuous individuals from HNI segment are enthusiastic about putting resources into these properties, as ‘such properties are not influenced by the declines in the economy’.

Disadvantages of penthouses

The accessibility of enormous space, additionally implies a higher necessity for its upkeep, consistently. Penthouses are additionally more presented to warmth and air, when contrasted with different units in the structure. Consequently, in a hot city, the insides of the unit could turn out to be very hot. In urban areas that have a great deal of precipitation, leakage could be normal. An enormous house that offers privacy, may likewise prompt a feeling of depression.

Quite often, lodging units on the highest levels have similarly helpless resale esteem. Their situating on a higher floor, in this manner, impacts the resale estimation of penthouses, as well. Inferable from the exorbitant cost, such a unit would likewise have less number of takers, if the proprietors chose to put the property on rent. At any rate in India, where the demand for apartments and flats is high in the rental segment, the rental yield produced from a penthouse would be much underneath your assumptions.

Penthouse price range in India

Prices of penthouses in Mumbai range anyplace between Rs 20 crores and go up to Rs 100 crores, contingent upon the location. Gurugram is another location in the public capital locale (NCR), where purchasers would discover restrictive penthouses. Paces of penthouses in this market could likewise run into a few crores. A comparable pattern can be seen in Pune and Bengaluru, where penthouses are very well known. Price range for penthouses in Noida and Greater Noida Extension, then again, is Rs 6-12 crores.

Those putting resources into penthouses ought to likewise be aware of that reality that every unit – the best among approaches – is one of a kind in itself and it might, in this way, not be reasonable for think about the per sq ft price of one unit with another.

Preferential location charges on penthouses

Penthouses in lodging social orders draw in preferential location charges (PLC), on account of the exclusivity they appreciate, regarding the view and stature, when contrasted with different units. Not at all like stamp obligation and enrollment charges or GST on real estate, PLC isn’t fixed and fluctuates from one developer to another. PLC may cost you an additional Rs 50-Rs 100 for each sq ft on your home buy however it very well may be a lot higher if there should be an occurrence of penthouses.

Vastu tips for penthouses construction

Purchasers today are amazingly aware of the Vastu-consistence of their homes. All premise rules of Vastu should be continued in the construction of penthouses, too. Be that as it may, current specialists likewise exhort some additional tips, to improve a penthouse prepared, Vastu-wise. The west and south bearings are, in the assessment of Vastu specialists, ideal for the construction of the unit while the north or the east headings should be kept away from. These last two headings ought to be used for open spaces. The north-east corner is ideal for a nursery or course of action of plants. It is additionally suggested that the penthouse structure be taller on the west and the south sides.

Demand for penthouses in India

For what it’s worth, the demand for huge, free homes has expanded complex, after the Coronavirus pandemic.

In coming occasions, the demand for penthouses in India is probably going to gather pace in locations that are relied upon to see super infrastructure improvements. The demand for penthouses is, for example, liable to fill in Noida, where the state government has as of late declared the setting up of a film city. Developers are of the assessment that the Noida film city will draw in big names in the city, pushing the demand for top of the line extravagance penthouses.

Sonakshi Sinha’s homes in Mumbai’s Juhu and Bandra

Entertainer Sonakshi Sinha who resides in Mumbai’s Juhu region with her folks and siblings, got the highest level of their lodge ‘Ramayan’ redesigned for herself. Here’s a gander at the ultra-moderate and practical space, planned by craftsmanship chief and inside fashioner Rupin Suchak.

What do Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Abhishek Bacchan, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha share for all intents and purpose? Every one of them stay with their folks and are extremely upbeat about it. Of them, Akira-starrer and Shotgun junior, Sonakshi Sinha got the highest level of their home ‘Ramayan’ at JVPD Scheme, Juhu all decked up for herself. So, a home inside a home!

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

What makes Sonakshi Sinha’s property interesting?

Inside creator Rupin Suchak, who planned the space, calls it his ‘most loved piece’ of work. As per him, the imaginative sprinkle of shadings utilized in the plan, add a striking punch and pop that identifies with Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Dabbangg’ character.

Sinha also feels that this floor at Ramayan radiates her vibe, her sensibilities and her feeling of style. She says, as somebody who loves to invest energy at home, this perfectly done-up home is sufficiently bright and makes her need to never venture out from home.

Suchak, who likewise planned an office space for Alia Bhatt, says that there are a few things that hang out in Sinha’s home, including:

The rich surfaces and mathematical shapes

Moderate and clean space

Articulation furniture pieces

The craftsmanship style, clubbed with a cutting edge lively pop workmanship entrance.

While she concedes that she has consistently had her own room and protection, the experience of setting up a whole floor was a first for her, says Sinha. The 33-year-old entertainer said that she had been investigating sites and looking at pictures and references all through the lockdown and had a reasonable vision of how the condo should look, which was brought to reality by Suchak, with accuracy.

Sonakshi’s new home in Bandra, Mumbai

Sinha has another sanctum in Mumbai! Indeed, the Akira-starrer is back in the information, for her new buy – a 4BHK in Mumbai’s luxurious Bandra territory.

Notwithstanding, Sinha has no designs to move out of Ramayan. She says this new property is only a venture and all the more a fantasy that she had been pursuing. She joins other Bollywood entertainers who as of late moved into their new homes like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Pooja Hegde.