What are penthouses and how popular are they in India?

What is a penthouse?

As per the Oxford Dictionary, a penthouse is ‘a costly and agreeable flat or set of rooms at the highest point of a tall structure’.

At the point when the idea previously got well known, developers followed the term’s unique definition. Going ahead, the term was additionally used to characterize an elite flat on different floors, as developers realized the chance of creating higher benefits with the penthouse idea.

The idea originally acquired popularity in major worldwide business areas, where privacy and space progressively turned out to be elusive in the midst of rising populace. Detecting the demand, developers began building penthouses on the highest level of apartment structures and charged a premium for such units. As demand designs advanced, developers began making changes in the structure construction to oblige more penthouses, which could be fabricated anyplace in the structure. A structure created in different levels like, say, a wedding cake, could have a few penthouses.


All the more as of late, developers utilize the term penthouse considerably more openly to characterize selective units in lodging projects that have more extravagant highlights than the excess units, on account of their locational benefit and conveniences.

It will likewise be right to say that inside the extravagance real estate market, there is a sub-market that could be arranged as the penthouse market. Financial backers in this classification, who pine for privacy and worth uniqueness, look for the best apartment inside a fabulous undertaking and are regularly able to dish out a premium, to get a particularly extravagant unit.

In any case, as penthouses are not exceptionally regular in India, developers for the most part adhere to the standard definition, when they market the item. A penthouse in India is fundamentally a penthouse in the conventional sense.

Facilities offered in penthouses

A penthouse would have an open porch that is elite to the proprietor. These units additionally convey extravagant indoor fittings. In contrast to a customary unit, the roof is likewise a lot higher in a penthouse and it has a different format plan and extravagance conveniences, including recreation center, pools and some of the time even private lifts.

The target segment

As penthouses in India are compared with exclusivity and superficial points of interest, developers give close consideration to their target crowd. Penthouses are by and large liked by VIPs, particularly in Mumbai, India’s monetary capital, which is additionally home to money rich Bollywood stars and driving names from the universe of sports. They are a top pick among anybody with the correct buying power, like finance managers, non-occupant Indians (NRIs), high-total assets chiefs, and so forth

Benefits of a penthouse

Privacy, porch space and high roofs are the common highlights of penthouses that differentiate it from normal homes.

Unhampered view: Penthouses for the most part give abundant regular light and ventilation and an unhindered view of the environmental factors. These are things that relatively few might have the option to manage in a major city. These units offer more harmony and calm, in view of the arrangement of the units.

Exclusivity: In India, the responsibility for penthouse would be viewed with appreciation among your friends. The proprietor of a penthouse regularly appreciates an assortment of administrations that others in a similar structure don’t get.

Downturn evidence investment: Unlike in western nations, where penthouses are accessible in huge numbers, developers in India have been cautious, in launching projects with penthouses. Within the sight of restricted inventory, estimations of penthouses keep on developing. However long the stockpile is lower than the absolute demand, there is no motivation to be stressed over esteem deterioration.

As indicated by Modi, industrialists, corporate pioneers, NRIs and conspicuous individuals from HNI segment are enthusiastic about putting resources into these properties, as ‘such properties are not influenced by the declines in the economy’.

Disadvantages of penthouses

The accessibility of enormous space, additionally implies a higher necessity for its upkeep, consistently. Penthouses are additionally more presented to warmth and air, when contrasted with different units in the structure. Consequently, in a hot city, the insides of the unit could turn out to be very hot. In urban areas that have a great deal of precipitation, leakage could be normal. An enormous house that offers privacy, may likewise prompt a feeling of depression.

Quite often, lodging units on the highest levels have similarly helpless resale esteem. Their situating on a higher floor, in this manner, impacts the resale estimation of penthouses, as well. Inferable from the exorbitant cost, such a unit would likewise have less number of takers, if the proprietors chose to put the property on rent. At any rate in India, where the demand for apartments and flats is high in the rental segment, the rental yield produced from a penthouse would be much underneath your assumptions.

Penthouse price range in India

Prices of penthouses in Mumbai range anyplace between Rs 20 crores and go up to Rs 100 crores, contingent upon the location. Gurugram is another location in the public capital locale (NCR), where purchasers would discover restrictive penthouses. Paces of penthouses in this market could likewise run into a few crores. A comparable pattern can be seen in Pune and Bengaluru, where penthouses are very well known. Price range for penthouses in Noida and Greater Noida Extension, then again, is Rs 6-12 crores.

Those putting resources into penthouses ought to likewise be aware of that reality that every unit – the best among approaches – is one of a kind in itself and it might, in this way, not be reasonable for think about the per sq ft price of one unit with another.

Preferential location charges on penthouses

Penthouses in lodging social orders draw in preferential location charges (PLC), on account of the exclusivity they appreciate, regarding the view and stature, when contrasted with different units. Not at all like stamp obligation and enrollment charges or GST on real estate, PLC isn’t fixed and fluctuates from one developer to another. PLC may cost you an additional Rs 50-Rs 100 for each sq ft on your home buy however it very well may be a lot higher if there should be an occurrence of penthouses.

Vastu tips for penthouses construction

Purchasers today are amazingly aware of the Vastu-consistence of their homes. All premise rules of Vastu should be continued in the construction of penthouses, too. Be that as it may, current specialists likewise exhort some additional tips, to improve a penthouse prepared, Vastu-wise. The west and south bearings are, in the assessment of Vastu specialists, ideal for the construction of the unit while the north or the east headings should be kept away from. These last two headings ought to be used for open spaces. The north-east corner is ideal for a nursery or course of action of plants. It is additionally suggested that the penthouse structure be taller on the west and the south sides.

Demand for penthouses in India

For what it’s worth, the demand for huge, free homes has expanded complex, after the Coronavirus pandemic.

In coming occasions, the demand for penthouses in India is probably going to gather pace in locations that are relied upon to see super infrastructure improvements. The demand for penthouses is, for example, liable to fill in Noida, where the state government has as of late declared the setting up of a film city. Developers are of the assessment that the Noida film city will draw in big names in the city, pushing the demand for top of the line extravagance penthouses.

Sonakshi Sinha’s homes in Mumbai’s Juhu and Bandra

Entertainer Sonakshi Sinha who resides in Mumbai’s Juhu region with her folks and siblings, got the highest level of their lodge ‘Ramayan’ redesigned for herself. Here’s a gander at the ultra-moderate and practical space, planned by craftsmanship chief and inside fashioner Rupin Suchak.

What do Salman Khan, Karan Johar, Abhishek Bacchan, Shraddha Kapoor and Sonakshi Sinha share for all intents and purpose? Every one of them stay with their folks and are extremely upbeat about it. Of them, Akira-starrer and Shotgun junior, Sonakshi Sinha got the highest level of their home ‘Ramayan’ at JVPD Scheme, Juhu all decked up for herself. So, a home inside a home!

Sonakshi Sinha
Sonakshi Sinha

What makes Sonakshi Sinha’s property interesting?

Inside creator Rupin Suchak, who planned the space, calls it his ‘most loved piece’ of work. As per him, the imaginative sprinkle of shadings utilized in the plan, add a striking punch and pop that identifies with Sonakshi Sinha’s ‘Dabbangg’ character.

Sinha also feels that this floor at Ramayan radiates her vibe, her sensibilities and her feeling of style. She says, as somebody who loves to invest energy at home, this perfectly done-up home is sufficiently bright and makes her need to never venture out from home.

Suchak, who likewise planned an office space for Alia Bhatt, says that there are a few things that hang out in Sinha’s home, including:

The rich surfaces and mathematical shapes

Moderate and clean space

Articulation furniture pieces

The craftsmanship style, clubbed with a cutting edge lively pop workmanship entrance.

While she concedes that she has consistently had her own room and protection, the experience of setting up a whole floor was a first for her, says Sinha. The 33-year-old entertainer said that she had been investigating sites and looking at pictures and references all through the lockdown and had a reasonable vision of how the condo should look, which was brought to reality by Suchak, with accuracy.

Sonakshi’s new home in Bandra, Mumbai

Sinha has another sanctum in Mumbai! Indeed, the Akira-starrer is back in the information, for her new buy – a 4BHK in Mumbai’s luxurious Bandra territory.

Notwithstanding, Sinha has no designs to move out of Ramayan. She says this new property is only a venture and all the more a fantasy that she had been pursuing. She joins other Bollywood entertainers who as of late moved into their new homes like Kareena Kapoor Khan, Jhanvi Kapoor and Pooja Hegde.

Tax on rental income and applicable deductions

While income tax laws recommend certain taxes on an individual, who gets any rent from a property which he has let out, the tax payer is likewise permitted to guarantee certain allowances out of such income. We inspect the legal arrangements.

While property ownership empowers landowners to produce standard income, while keeping a consistent hang on the resource concerned, this income additionally draws in tax. In this article, we examine the different parts of tax that your rental income will draw in and how to keep this obligation low.

Rental Income
Rental Income

No tax on unrealised rent, rules ITAT

December 3, 2020: In a move that comes at a significant help for property managers in the midst of rising occurrences of rent defaults, an income-tax redrafting council has decided that they are not at risk to pay taxes on unrealised rental incomes. As per the request by the council, the way that the tenant has deducted tax can’t be the sole purpose behind taxability of rent.

The new decision by the Mumbai seat of the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT), which unmistakably expresses that tax on rental income is just appropriate when the rent is really gotten, will have an immediate bearing on all situations where tenants have not had the option to pay the rent, in light of the continuous Coronavirus-prompted financial pressure in the midst of a sharp fall in business numbers.

The request by the seat came while conveying its decision for a situation where a tenant had deducted TDS (tax deducted at source) on the rent amount without paying the rent to a Navi Mumbai-based loft renting organization.

Despite the fact that the decision by the Mumbai part of the tax court comes relating to a case in 2011, the request may enormously affect progressing occurrences. As indicated by review firm Deloitte India, tax payers with comparative realities might need to assess the effect of this decision in their particular cases.

The foundation

The organization went into a rental agreement with the tenant for its property at Vashi, Navi Mumbai. The tenant made the installment of rent, just as repayment of power expenses routinely up to financial year (FY) 2009-10, relating to the appraisal year (AY) 2010-11. Notwithstanding, attributable to financial constraints, the tenant didn’t make any installments towards rent from FY 2010-11, relating to AY 2011-12. Accordingly, the tenant paid some segment of the rent for FY 2010-11, comparing to AY 2011-12. The tenant abandoned the premises in November 2011.

Simultaneously, the tenant made TDS derivation and stored the equivalent into the public authority account while no rent was gotten by the tax payer for FY 2011-12, comparing to AY 2012-13. Along these lines, the tax payer didn’t unveil such rental income in its income-tax return.

While the evaluation official added the unrealised rent to the complete income of the tax payer, the magistrate of income tax (offers) maintained the AO’s organization when the tax payer bid against it. Following this, the matter arrived at the Mumbai seat of the ITAT.

Land not just gives owners a specific feeling that all is well with the world yet in addition encourages them procure income, if the reason is rented out. The rent that the owner creates, is considered as income under the current laws in India. Thus, the worker is at risk to pay taxes on the equivalent. In this article, we talk about what rental income is and what the tax suggestions are, on the off chance that one is procuring such an income.

How is rental income taxed?

The Income Tax Act of India has a particular head of income, named ‘Income from house property’, to tax the rent got by an owner of a property.

Along these lines, any rent got as for a property that is let out, is taxable under this head. Rent got concerning a private house, just as business property, is taxable under this head. Indeed, even the rent got for letting out your industrial facility building or rent got ashore appurtenant to the building, is taxable under this head.

Review here that in the midst of an enormous number of organizations deciding on distant working in the outcome of the Covid pandemic, countless middle class laborers have moved back to the urban communities of their source, having an extreme effect on the rental incomes of the property managers in huge urban communities.

Under what area is income from house property taxed?

As indicated by the Income Tax Act, rental income of a property is taxed under Section 24 in the possession of the owner, under the head ‘income from house property’. In any case, the rent procured by letting out empty land isn’t taxed under this classification, however is taxed under ‘income from different sources’. Income from house property is charged distinctly ashore which structures part of a building.

Despite the fact that the rent created from shops is likewise taxed under a similar head, in the event that the property is being utilized for business or to do proficient administrations by the owner, this part won’t be appropriate.

In this way, in the event that you let out a property for an ostensible amount, the amount to be considered for taxation of such property, would be the market rent and not the rent that you have gotten. In like manner, if the genuine rent got by you for your property is higher than the market rent, the rent really got/receivable by you, will be considered for taxation reason. Kindly note that the rental income gets taxable in your grasp on accumulation premise and not on receipt premise.

It is just the owner, who is taxed for rent got. Consequently, in the event that you rent any property that you have taken on rent, the amount got would get taxable under the head ‘Income from different sources’. Indeed, even the rent got by an individual who has infringed on a property, would get taxable under this head. The ownership for this design is extensively characterized and even covers situations where you have gotten ownership of a property partially execution of an agreement and where the legal title of the products might not have been moved in your name. In any event, when an individual blessings the property to one’s companion, besides under an agreement to live separated, he will keep on being treated as an owner of the property and taxed in like manner, despite the fact that he might not have gotten the genuine rent for such property. Likewise, regardless of whether the property is skilled to a minor, the benefactor parent will keep on being taxed for such property.

What amount rent income is taxable?

It isn’t that the gross rent got gets taxable.

From the rent got/receivable for the property, you are permitted to deduct the city taxes payable for the property. As the rent is taxable on gathering premise, the law permits you to guarantee derivation for the rent which you have not had the option to acknowledge, subject to the satisfaction of specific conditions. Subsequent to deducting the over two things, what you get is the yearly worth, from which you are permitted a standard derivation of 30% of the yearly worth, to cover the cost for fixes, and so on

What amount rent is without tax?

On the off chance that you have acquired any cash with the end goal of procurement, construction, fix/redesign of the property, you are additionally permitted to guarantee allowance for the premium payable on cash so acquired. The cash can be acquired from any individual and not really as a home advance. By and by, there is no limitation on the amount of interest, which you can guarantee against your rental income.

Tax suggestions on rental income post-Coronavirus

In the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic, an enormous number of tenants, working in different businesses of the huge urban communities, have moved back to their own places, since far off working is currently the standard. The individuals who are as yet living in their past rented facilities, have additionally requested their property managers to forgo a specific bit from the rent, in view of the financial troubles brought about by the pandemic. Since the rental income of countless landowners has thus been affected, there is trust that the public authority will give rules, as to on what premise their rental income ought to be taxed now.

Flat vs House: Which is better?

Most home buyers give a ton of significance to the area and the sort of insides, while picking their homes. A superior area guarantees better appreciation on property speculation. With regards to the sort of property, there are not many decisions for buyers in metro urban areas, as high land prices force individuals to search for projects inside their financial plans. While apartments are less expensive than independent houses, for example, estates or independent floors, there are sure points of interest of every property type that a home buyer should know about, prior to making a buy.

Level versus house: Amenities


In the event that you are purchasing a loft in a lodging society, you may gain admittance to every advanced convenience, including security, observation, parking spots, power back-up, fire wellbeing instruments, and so on however every one of these offices come at an extra expense of around 20%-25% of the property’s expense. For independent houses, such amenities are not accessible and additional exertion might be needed, for setting up these administrations. These may incorporate setting up a force back-up framework for each room, employing safety crew or introducing cameras and orchestrating water stockpiling tanks, and so on On the off chance that your independent home is located in a gated state, the security framework is probably going to be orchestrated by the occupants’ government assistance affiliation (RWA).

These days, designers are offering blended residential projects, comprising of flats, just as plotted developments, where the amenities and offices are open to all owners at a little extra expense. To have the most amazing aspect both the universes, such plotted alternatives are an extraordinary decision.

Level versus house: Mortgage office

It is simpler to take a home loan for purchasing a condo than an independent house. Significant banks typically offer pre-endorsed loans for residential projects. For independent homes, the loaning interaction incorporates tight examination of all property papers and the borrower’s record. Furthermore, it very well might be hard for a moneylender to play out the property valuation for an independent house. Subsequently, banks give simply up to 70% of the plot’s an incentive as loan. The leftover sum, including the stamp obligation and enrollment charges, must be masterminded by the borrower. For a condo, banks normally give up to 90% of the property’s expense, as loan.

Level versus house: Maintenance cost

All properties require steady maintenance and fix. In a loft, the buyer needs to bear month to month maintenance charges, contingent upon the property’s size. In an independent house the maintenance cost must be borne by the owner and it is higher than what might be paid in a condo. Besides, in a residential complex, everybody pools in and consequently, the maintenance charges lessens definitely.

Flats versus house: Saleability

There is no uncertainty that it requires some investment to sell a property resource. An independent house is probably going to set aside more effort to sell than a condo, because of its high worth. In addition, it additionally relies upon the interest in the market where the property is located. As apartments are more popular, owing their little ticket sizes, it is simpler to sell a condo than a cabin. Notwithstanding, in level II urban areas where individuals actually favor independent houses, finding a buyer for a loft, could be troublesome.

Construction trends that are likely to dominate 2021

In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused exceptional interruption for the construction area. Anyway this additionally constrained numerous partners to receive new practices. We take a gander at the key patterns that the construction business will observer, in 2021.

The COVID–19 pandemic, has changed the manner in which individuals are probably going to respond and behave, be it in close to home or public activity, or in business. In this way, the manner in which we assemble, is additionally going through an unanticipated change – as far as arranging, acquirement and execution. While numerous business areas were requested to close briefly, to smooth the bend of COVID-19 flare-ups, construction was generally considered fundamental and continued.

In 2021, the key perspectives that an industry player will be needed to deal with well, to the advantage of the customer, incorporate recognizing and sharing checked and responsible information/input/data, responsible and discernible correspondence to work together well as a group, and talented observing through the existence pattern of an undertaking. These become more pertinent, as numerous partners select distant working practices. In this setting, we analyze the key construction drifts that are probably going to overwhelm 2021.

Pre-engineered building

Real Estate

Utilization of pre-created construction strategies will bring down the venture cost, diminish wastage, guarantee more proficient utilization of materials, cut creation time down the middle and take out climate delays. Such technology, keeps the whole construction cycle unsurprising and inside a controlled environment – the two basic boundaries all through the term of the execution of a venture. Receiving pre-engineered construction will likewise help, if there should arise an occurrence of lack and accessibility of gifted work. The current situation will make this technique another pattern that will be broadly utilized in the coming months.

Particular, pre-manufactured bathroom cases

Utilization of pre-created bathroom units will increment. These undertaking explicit made units, which will be inherent plants, inside a controlled, quality-centered office, will be engineered and collected according to the venture’s plan and details. Every prefab unit will be outfitted with apparatuses, completes, mechanical, electrical, plumbing (MEP) and other wiring and funneling, fit to be introduced in the task.

Internal walls

Utilization of dry walling frameworks for internal parts, with guaranteed fire appraisals, acoustical properties and wet region applications likewise, will take out the necessity of mortar and restoring successfully, consequently, decreasing labor prerequisite. We will observer their interest in the coming months.

External walls

Protected squares/splash protection between two neighboring layers of square/blocks to decrease heat entrance and Insulated walls, will offer better execution and less burden on HVAC frameworks.


Environment responsive façades, versatile concealing gadgets and sun based boards can be utilized, to keep up environmental conditions and decrease building loads.

Artificial intelligence

The utilization of AI will improve construction arranging, sequencing and task the executives. It could completely distinguish potential conflicts, postponements and changes inside the construction cycle. In these seasons of vulnerability, AI can be utilized to get unified and predictable contributions, for building configuration, project hazard, cost overwhelms, work deficiency, construction security, and so on

Drone technology

Drones have just improved the manner in which the construction business works. We are probably going to observe broad utilization of drone technology, soon. It will be utilized for different exercises, for example, land reviewing, foundation improvement, security, site examination and progress and upkeep assessment, to make reference to a couple.

Improved hygiene norms

While COVID-19 has been upsetting from various perspectives, one certain result is the expanded hygiene principles on construction destinations. Social removing, continuous sanitisation and washing of hands, and better bathroom offices, will acquire enhancements wellbeing and security strategies, to handle the pandemic.

Automated gear

With persistent decrease in the workforce at construction locales, automated gear will progressively be utilized, to convey projects with high caliber and inside the predefined time and cost.

Building data model (BIM)

In spite of the fact that BIM is accessible and being used in the construction business for a long time, it is as yet utilized on specific activities. This is probably going to change and BIM will turn into an essential piece of the construction business, in the coming months.

3D checking

Real Estate Construction
Real Estate Construction

3D checking has the capability of documenting and catching the information of any assembled structure precisely, which would then be able to be utilized for survey and investigation. It can likewise be viably used in following the actual advancement of the building, as it makes a virtual walkthrough model of the built building. This can be utilized to perform visual investigations, to distinguish abandons, dimensional accuracy, and so forth, from a far off location.

In general, techniques for construction that guarantee less interface-focuses, unsurprising methodology, controlled environments and composed systems for discernibility of data, will improve the speed of construction in the business.

Vastu Shastra tips for a temple at home

The sanctuary at home, is a holy spot where we worship God. Thus, normally, it should be a positive and tranquil spot. The sanctuary territory, when set by Vastu Shastra, can bring health, prosperity, and happiness to the house and its tenants. Despite the fact that a different puja room would be ideal, this isn’t generally conceivable in metropolitan urban areas, where there is space crunch. For such homes, you can consider divider mounted mandir or little corner mandir according to your necessity.

This is where one acquiescences to the Almighty and gains strength. In the event that one doesn’t have the space to dispense a whole room for the sanctuary, one can set up a little special stepped area on the east divider, towards the north-east zone of the house. Try not to put the sanctuary in the south, south-west or south-east zones of house.

Ideal mandir directions according to Vastu


Jupiter is the ruler of the north-east heading, which is likewise called as the as ‘Ishan kona’. Ishan is Ishwar or God. That is the manner by which it is the bearing of God/Jupiter. Thus, it is fitting to keep the sanctuary there. In addition, the world’s tilt is additionally towards the north-east course just and it moves with the beginning stage of the north-east. Subsequently, this corner resembles the driving force of a train, which pulls the whole train. The arrangement of the sanctuary around there of the house is additionally similar to that – it pulls the energies of the whole house towards it and afterward, takes it forward. A sanctuary set in the focal point of the house – a district that is called as the Brahmasthan – is likewise supposed to be promising and can bring prosperity and great health for the prisoners.

How might a sanctuary at home be built according to Vastu

With regards to developing the sanctuary, don’t put it straightforwardly on the floor. All things considered, keep it on a raised stage or platform. The sanctuary ought to be made of marble or wood. Dodge sanctuaries produced using glass or acrylic. Try not to mess the sanctuary. Guarantee that you don’t have different idols of a similar God or Goddess, either in a seating or standing situation in the sanctuary. The icon or photographs put in the sanctuary, ought not be broken or harmed, as it considered is foreboding.

One ought to have the option to perform poojas, any place the sanctuary is kept. During unique poojas, the whole family will in general supplicate together. Consequently, guarantee that there is sufficient space for the family to plunk down and supplicate. The sanctuary zone ought to have great and healthy progression of energy. In this way, keep it flawless and clean, without residue or webs and try not to stuff the space with an excessive number of extras. Most importantly, the sanctuary should give you a sensation of tranquility and smoothness.

Rules and regulations for enhancing a sanctuary at home

Situation of the puja room

A few people keep the sanctuary in the bedroom or kitchen. In such cases, drape a drapery before the sanctuary, when you are not utilizing the sanctuary. Likewise, while setting a sanctuary in the kitchen, save the north-east corner for it. Additionally, note that the sanctuary ought not be against a divider that has a latrine behind it. It ought to likewise not be put under a latrine on the upper floor.

The sanctuary should be set high, with the end goal that the feet of the idols put ought to be at the degree of the aficionado’s chest. Never place the symbol on the floor. In a perfect world, the icon ought not be in excess of 10 inches.

In the event that you are utilizing a wooden sanctuary, guarantee an arch structure on its top and guarantee that the passage towards the puja room has a limit. In the event that an icon is harmed, supplant it and never keep broken idols in the sanctuary.

A two-shade entryway is ideal for a puja room, according to Vastu. In such cases, the icon ought not face the entryway straightforwardly.

Lights/diya in a sanctuary room

Diyas ought to be set on the correct side of the individual performing the pooja. Guarantee that there are electric focuses close to the sanctuary, so one can illuminate the sanctuary during bubbly days.

Blossoms in puja room

Continuously utilize new blossoms in a puja room. Dodge lifeless ones.

Photos and pictures

Try not to place your own photos in the puja room. You should likewise dodge photos of your relatives/progenitors who have died. It prompts an irregularity in the energy of the house.

Storage in a puja room

Try not to keep things that you don’t plan to use in the puja room. Make a little rack close to the sanctuary, to put the incense, puja materials and heavenly books. Try not to keep superfluous things underneath the sanctuary or dustbins around there. Try not to store anything over the idols. For water, use copper vessels as it were.

Shadings to be utilized in a puja room

For the sanctuary space, utilize white, beige, lavender or light yellow tones.

Climate of a puja room

Decorate the sanctuary with new blossoms. Light a couple of fragrance candles, dhoop or incense sticks, to purge the region and make a heavenly feeling.

Maintain a strategic distance from debased things in the puja room

Aside from the things referenced above, cowhide is another thing that is viewed as debased. Creature skin ought not be put in the sanctuary space. Likewise, try not to keep cash in the puja room. While it isn’t debased, it isn’t viewed as option to save/store cash in a spot where you look for harmony and favors.

Best tones for a puja room according to Vastu

Marble Mandir
Marble Mandir

As of now referenced, to keep up the peacefulness of a puja room, Vastu Shastra says that unpretentious tones are ideal. Whites, light blues and light yellow are reasonable. Maintain a strategic distance from dull tones in a puja room. since these won’t loan a feeling of quiet that is reasonable for a supplication room. Likewise, utilize white marble or any light-hued marble tiling for the ground surface of your puja room.

Straightforward solutions for Vastu dosh in your puja room

Guarantee that the idols don’t confront one another.

Keep the idols raised – even a straightforward seat would do.

Spot the symbol at any rate an inch away from the divider.

Lights and diyas ought to be set in the south-east.

Never keep a harmed icon.

Guarantee a messiness free climate in the puja room.

Vastu and décor tips for name plates

Other than recognizing a house, a name plate can likewise be utilized to upgrade the stylistic layout of a house and make a decent initial introduction. We take a gander at the essential rules and regulations for setting up a name plate on your house.

A name plate or entryway plate, fills the useful need of distinguishing a house. Be that as it may, a name plate can likewise fill in as a stylistic theme component, which mirrors the home owner’s style sensibilities. These days, name plates come in different styles, for example, current, theoretical, idea based, just as name plates roused by one’s religion and can be uniquely crafted in any Indian language. They can be hung or fastened on the entryways, or at the passage of the house or society.

Welcome Name Plate
Welcome Name Plate

Materials for making name plates

The most generally utilized and financial plan cordial name plates for apartments, are made of acrylic or fiber. Straightforward signage for greater and independent houses and buildings are for the most part made of glass and steel. Handcrafted billboards have a crude allure, while architect name plates with innovative utilization of textual styles and a wooden completion, can loan a heavenly allure. Planner and multi-compound name plates are produced using a mix of various materials like wood, glass, steel, earthenware, metal, jute, texture, grass or coconut. These name plates have a specialty market. The pattern, presently, is to utilize a blend of different materials, to give a one of a kind look.

Prepared wood, for example, teakwood and railroad sleepers, can likewise be utilized for making name plates. For financial plan neighborly choices, business MDF (medium thickness fiber), pressed wood, facade and pine wood, are ideal. Individual, preformed artistic letters can likewise be utilized to make name plates, while stone, marble, reflect and fashioned iron are other regular alternatives. One would custom be able to make name plates in different shapes, similar to square shape, square, oval, round, house-molded and other unpredictable shapes. The name plates can be carved with themes, or engraved with pictures of divinities, or have photos with botanical plans, eye getting calligraphy, and so on

Vastu Shastra tips for name plates

Home owners ought to consistently set up a name plate, as it resembles a ‘tikka’ on the temple.

According to Vastu Shastra standards, the fundamental entryway of a home isn’t just the section point for the family, yet additionally for energy. In this way, if your home doesn’t have a name plate, it will be hard for occasions to discover their approach to you. A name plate ought to be comprehensible, clear and satisfying to the eye. Pick the right material for the name plate, for inspiration and congruity. A metal name plate is suggested, if the entryway is the north or west way. Utilize a wooden name plate, if the entryway is the south or east way. It is likewise acceptable to brighten a home’s passage with pictures or sculptures of Ganesh or propitious signs, for example, Om, or the Swastika or even some shlokas.

Customized name plates

Advanced home owners incline toward customized name plates. Thusly, name plate plans regularly fuse subjects or the interest of relatives, or the calling of an individual, and so on Generally, the pattern has been to think of one’s surname on the name plate. At that point, individuals began composing their total name. Presently, individuals compose their family name, alongside the names, all things considered, including kids. As of late, a customer requested that we leave a clear space on the name plate, to add the name of a ‘prospective conceived’ infant. Individuals likewise add their pets’ names and photographs on the name plates, as they are viewed as a component of the families. With a developing pattern of naming lodges, line houses, estates and apartments, even these names get engraved on the name plate. Local language name plates have gotten famous.

Tips for setting up a name plate at the passage

Continuously have a name plate on the fundamental entryway or the abutting divider, if the space licenses, as it is accepted to draw in flourishing, openings and prosperity.

Guarantee that the name plate is sufficiently huge to think of one’s name or surname and the house number and is decipherable from in any event a foot or two away.

The plan picked for the name plate, should mix well with the primary entryway.

The principle entryway, just as the name plate ought to be sufficiently bright.

Keep the name plate slick however straightforward. Try not to mess it with such a large number of plans, calligraphy, inscriptions, and icons of gods.

Guarantee that the name plate is routinely cleaned and is without dust.

What Things Should I Consider While Buying a Flat in Hyderabad?

Luxury Flats On Bannerghatta Road

Hyderabad is emerging as a top market for those planning to buy real estate for both end-user as well as investment. Hyderabad is a developed city and with new lucrative projects coming up, this city will bloom into a haven of luxury projects at affordable rates. The city saw an increase of 24 percent in the home sales over the previous quarter while the new launches soared by 20 percent over the same period. Like prestige Bannerghatta road new project in Bangalore, Hyderabad is also heading towards establishing such mega city kind of residential complexes that would be productive in respect of both developer and the buyers.

Some key points to remember

  • Title deeds should be a mandatory aspect. It is important that the property has a clear title. The entry of the property is made in the municipal or panchayat records with which the seller can get the title of property through purchase, inheritance, by partition, by settlement, by gift or by the grant. This particular point should undergo verification and as a buyer, you should take the initiative to go through the case history of this. This decides its authenticity.
  • Sanctioned plans should be the next point that should have verification. Building plans for the property in Hyderabad are approved by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Hence, it needs to be duly checked to get ensured about its authenticity.
  • Occupancy certificate is yet another document that will assure you that this is an authentic project that has undergone all the legal formats and rules. This certificate implies that the construction was carried out in compliance with the building plans and the norms and is completely ready to take possession.
  • Tax paid receipts should also be checked and should not be ignored in any way. If it found that tax has not been paid for a particular property and you just became the owner of such a property, then the government will impose a penalty for this and the ultimate victim will be the buyer. So, go through this aspect very carefully.
  • An Encumbrance Certificate cannot be ignored in any way. It is a document issued by the Sub-Registrar that reflects the encumbrance on the property like mortgage, lien, charge etc if there is any. It is definitely very important to check whether any lien, mortgage or charges created over the property you intend to purchase and this is your legal right to check all its authentic status.

Hyderabad is emerging as the new Bangalore and there is a huge demand for flats in Hyderabad driven by the rising commercialization in the city. Thus, this is calling for a large population migrating to the city in search of employment opportunities. Moreover, the city is coming up with a great number of dream projects like Prestige Park Square in Bangalore with lucrative amenities but to ensure their authenticity, buyers need to follow the above-mentioned points. These are basic structures that would help you to find a better house and not get cheated at the same time.

What are the Special Features of Prestige Park Square?

Prestige Park Square Bangalore

Prestige Park Square Bannerghatta

A one of a kind residential development with world class amenities are what Prestige Park Square will be renowned for. With an unending list of amenities to make life easier, this project is no doubt a gem in the realty market.

Prestige Park Square is a vibrant and elegant residential development enclave which is set to be launched in the very near future. This is one of the most promising residential ventures coming up in Bangalore just taking its exclusivity into consideration which Prestige Group promises to be fabulous and top-class considering world-class architects are blowing their minds over this project.

After all Prestige Developers are known for their excellent quality of work and on-time delivery of projects. Spread over 8 acres of lush greenery and artificial water features are sure to make a resident wonder – weather is it a heaven on earth. The towers will have 40 floors each to accommodate all interested families. Park Square will offer a stupendous lifestyle that’s about living lavishly, yet being very close to nature.

Bannerghatta Main Road aids all the connectivity to various parts of Bangalore. Prestige Park Square – Bangalore has many schools, hospitals, IT Tech Park, commercial complexes and many other social infrastructure in the proximity. So, the investors can definitely ponder over investing on this project as it will be a lucrative investment for sure. Every resident Bannerghatta’s beautiful green cover, plants around the pathways, entertainment zones, media center and sport complex are. Children too will earn their knowledge in the best schools, kids play schools, institutes of higher education, etc. which are located in the vicinity. Additionally, there are many social amenities situated here such as hospitals, nursing homes, post office, travelling facility, resorts, hotels and entertainment zones etc., thus their presence will ensure a comfortable life.

The biggest plus-point for Prestige Square Park is the fabulous location. The strategic location of this project is definitely going to be the biggest selling point for the Prestige Group. Apart from this, the amenities this project will offer will definitely amaze each and every interested buyer. The amenities have been planned in such a way that they will make each and every resident’s life a dreamy affair. A comprehensive of such amenities at Prestige Park Square is mentioned below –

  • Basket Ball Court
  • 24Hr Backup
  • Club House
  • Play Area
  • Security
  • Tennis Court
  • Badminton Court
  • Community Hall
  • Broadband Internet
  • Health Facilities
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Wi-Fi
  • Garden
  • Bank/ATM
  • Indoor Games
  • Maintenance Staff
  • Cafeteria
  • 24/7 water supply

Apartments in Bannerghatta – Prestige Park Square

Prestige Park Square Bangalore is a project that meets one’s lifestyle and at the same time will fit your budget. Prestige Group, ­ South India’s renowned real estate company is back with another residential project, Prestige Park Square. Prestige Park Square project will give you a peaceful and convenient living option and thus will make your life worth every moment. Apartments here will be designed into stunning open-concept spaces keeping in mind your privacy and allowing you to appreciate its entire impeccable and thoughtful details. The project is located on Bannerghatta Main Road in Bangalore and is facilitated with life-enhancing facilities like snooker room, steam and sauna rooms, health club, kids’ pool, massage room etc. Prestige Park Square project offers apartments of 2 BHK and 3 BHK types to choose from. Moreover, Prestige Park Square soon to be launched project is located in proximity to banks, play schools, restaurants, bus stations, hospitals and petrol pumps.

Prestige Park Square provides an extensive range of amenities to its residents and all while it lingers in the comfort of your apartments. The Prestige Park Square Township has been planned by prestigious architects who have taken great pains to make sure your homes have stylish designs and comfort. The list of amenities at Prestige Park Square is presented below to support your stay at this wonderful township.


Prestige Park Square

Prestige Park Square location on the Bannerghatta Road such that there are many multiplexes, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, hospitals, grocery shops, and educational institutions are very close by, that will help in satisfying the needs of the inhabitants in every need and aspect. As Prestige Park Square Bangalore is located in one of the major locations of Bangalore; it proves to be a worthy investment, mainly for the IT professionals.

The proximity of the Prestige Park Square project to the hospitals in the area heeds the need for immediate health care at any time quite well.

The Prestige Park Square yet to be launched project is conveniently located, such that all the major parts of the city and its many landmarks are well linked and transport facilities are available around the clock which will aid the commuters that travel often.

Prestige Park Square Bannerghatta road project will give a lot of importance on safety and security with state of the art security devices that will help in monitoring the premises and 24 hours security services at all entrances and exits.

Prestige Park Square Amenities

Prestige Park Square, one of the best housing projects, is the best pre launch choice for property investments in Bangalore. Amenities: Swimming Pool, 2Party Halls, Gymnasium, Spa & Health Club, Basket Ball Court, Indoor Squash Court, Tennis Courts,  Indoor Badminton Court, Table Tennis, Billiards, Reading room, Indoor Board games, Space for Creche, Space for convenience store, laundrette, Mini theatre, Cards room, Space for ATM and Open Terrace Party Area.

About Prestige Group  

The Prestige Group owes its origin to Mr. Razack Sattar in the year 1956. From the year 1986, Prestige Estates Projects has grown swiftly to become one of South India’s leading Property Developers, helping shape the skyline across the Residential, Commercial, Retail, Leisure & Hospitality sectors. Prestige Court on K.H. Road in Bangalore set the pace for the Group’s rapid growth which now stands at over 184 Completed Projects spanning a total developed area of over 60.74 million sq ft. It also has another 57 ongoing projects comprising around 59.24 million sq ft & 43 upcoming projects totaling 44.11 million sq ft., which include Apartment Enclaves, Shopping Malls and Corporate Structures, spread across all asset classes.

Prestige Constructions, an ISO 9001:2000 certified company is the only Real Estate Developer in Bangalore to have won the reputed FIABCI Award for its software and residential facilities. Prestige was also recently awarded the Crisil DA1 Developer Rating in recognition of the quality of their projects and the ability to deliver completed projects in a timely manner, making them the ONLY Property Developer across India to have received this distinction. Today, Prestige stands as a giant and with aggressive growth plans across the Residential, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality Sectors in Bangalore, Goa, Hyderabad, Mangalore, Cochin and Chennai, lies a bright future ahead!

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