Vastu tips to ensure your north-facing home is auspicious

The north heading is committed to Kuber, the God of riches. For north-bound homes to be really fulfilling, the entire house ought to be Vastu-agreeable and the imperfections ought to be corrected.

As indicated by Vastu Shastra, east, north and north-east-bound homes are generally favorable. In any case, this isn’t the sole determinant for the section of positive vitality into your family. The north bearing is committed to Kuber, the God of riches and passing by this rationale, north-bound homes ought to have been generally well known. Notwithstanding, for north-bound homes to be genuinely fulfilling, the entire house ought to be Vastu-consistent and the imperfections ought to be corrected.

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Vastu Shastra and north-bound homes

It is a confusion that any one specific bearing is acceptable and the others are awful. As indicated by Vastu Shastra, all bearings are acceptable, if they stick to the a few standards. For instance, it is critical to take note of the position of the entryway.

Position of the principle entryway

The principle entryway ought to be the north way. Indeed, even in the north bearing, the fifth step or pada is accepted to be the most promising one, intended to bring you riches. The separation between the north-east and north-west, is partitioned into nine equivalent parts and it is the fifth pada that is promising.

For what reason are padas significant according to Vastu Shastra?

No pada in the north is ominous. This is the reason a north-bound house is viewed as acceptable. Be that as it may, while putting the principle entryway, you can take note of the accompanying for flourishing:

To pull in riches

Each pada figures out what sort of vitality you are allowing into your home. As of now referenced, the fifth pada is the most propitious, on the grounds that it is the area of God of Wealth, Kuber. Consequently, if the entryway is set in the fifth pada, you will pull in cash.

Option in contrast to fifth pada

Presently assume your fifth pada is little or not appropriate for the entryway, you can utilize the first to fourth pada, also. Nonetheless, not forget about the fifth pada. You can utilize the 6th to ninth pada, in the event that you have no choice at all to put it in another pada.


On the off chance that you happen to utilize the first pada, all things considered, the principle entryway or the passage ought not contact the north east corner. It is fitting to leave some space from this corner.

For a north-bound property that is propitious for you and your family, evade a plot that slants from the north toward the south.

You ought not have trees in the north side of your home.

Try not to keep rubbish and mess in the north or north-east side of the house. It is said to negatively affect your monetary status and improvement of the youngsters.

It is likewise significant not to have a kitchen in the north-east corner.

Abstain from having a septic tank in the north-east heading.

Rooms and latrines ought to likewise not be set in the north-east. The main room ought to be in the south-west district.

The pooja room and lounge ought to be in the north-east.

The visitor room ought to be in the north-west.

The kitchen ought to be in the south-east or north-west course

A north-bound property, whenever stretched out toward the north-east side, can bring more prominent karma.

A very much manufactured north-bound property can bring great wellbeing and authority advancement of the ladies in the house.

Lofts confronting north may not be a smart thought.

For openings for work, place a symbol of Lord Kubera towards the north bearing.

Putting a tulsi plant in the north, north-east or even, east will guarantee that negative vitality is changed over into positive vitality.

Arrangement of a flight of stairs in a north-bound property

You should think about the administrations of a Vastu master, to assist you with the arrangement of rooms and things in your home. Be that as it may, to get you out, here is a snappy outline:

Try not to put the flight of stairs the north way. It might cause budgetary challenges.

You may utilize the south, west, south-east, south-west, or north-west heading for the flight of stairs.

Try not to put the flight of stairs in the north-east heading, since it might cause nerve-related issues.

Steps ought to be a clockwise way.

North-bound property is fortunate for certain callings and zodiacs

Those into organizations or money, for example, bookkeepers, contracted bookkeeper, financiers, speculators, securities exchange merchants and representatives, may discover north-bound properties appropriate for development in their work environments. Correspondence and e-specialist co-ops, crystal gazing and Vastu administrations, visit and travel administrations or those into the accommodation area, may likewise think that its useful.

Furthermore, those with Cancer (Karka), Scorpio (Vrishchik) or Pisces (Meen) as their zodiac or rashi, will likewise discover north-bound properties ideal.

Expression of alert

In a north-bound property, you should stay away from the accompanying:

Try not to agree to the fundamental passageway in the north-west heading.

Try not to leave wastewater outlets alone positioned in the south or north.

Try not to purchase a north-bound property without taking a gander at different things that function admirably for you.

Try not to put the entryway in the 6th pada.

Nurseries or your nursery ought not be in the north-west.

The underground tank ought not be in the north-west.

Try not to paint the house in red or maroon hues.

Septic tanks ought not be in the north, north-east or east bearing.

No mirrors ought to be put in the south or south-east side of the plot.

All about the progress of the PMAY-Urban scheme in India

Propelled on June 25, 2015, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban (PMAY-U) targets crossing over the lodging shortfall in urban India. Despite rising property costs, the plan imagines to give homes to the lower and mid-salary bunches in urban zones. In this article, we track the advancement of the PMAY Urban plan in India, its ubiquity, just as entanglements, scope and the route ahead.

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Prestige Smart City

Request drivers for PMAY-U units in India

The PMAY-U subsumes all the past urban lodging plans and means to address the urban lodging deficiency of 20 million by 2022. Up until this point, 4,427 urban communities/towns have been incorporated under the PMAY-U. Interest for lodging has just expanded in the most recent decade, driven by positive socioeconomics, expanding urbanization, development in the economy, ascend in salary, development in the quantity of family units, ascend in the quantity of first-time home purchasers and simpler accessibility of home advances.

Following the advancement of PMAY-U

The underlying take-up on the plan was moderate however the plan got pace in FY2019. In January 2018, just 8.5% of the arranged houses had been finished. In any case, the pace of fulfillment expanded to over 31% by June 2019, as the legislature expanded its emphasis on the finishing of endorsed houses. The inhabitance pace of finished houses has stayed consistent and was near 92% in June 2019.

In 2020, the approved interest for reasonable lodging remained at 1.12 crores. By December 2019, one crore homes were authorized. The focal help submitted for the mission up until now, adds up to Rs 1.66 lakh crores, out of which Rs 72,646 crores has just been delivered. The absolute speculation is Rs 6.41 lakh crores, according to the official information.

Significant obstructions influencing PMAY-U

Scant accessibility of land in urban territories.

High unit cost, particularly in territories like the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and Delhi.

Tepid reaction from private engineers.

Expanding cost of crude materials.

Operational difficulties that make it hard for budgetary foundations to furnish the advantages to those with poor/no record as a consumer, sporadic and casual salary sources.

In what manner can PMAY-U tackle difficulties?

Open prime land

The administration needs to open developable land at prime areas, which are under government bodies or no-improvement zones in urban areas and designate these to reasonable lodging ventures.

Private and inactive backwoods land existing in the city, for example, in Thane, Borivali, and so forth., ought to be used. Individuals who need homes are those working in the urban communities and this would be a smart thought.

Smoothing out of procedures

Albeit a great deal of ground has been secured to expand straightforwardness and smooth out the procedures, a lot of work despite everything should be finished. The administration should actualize an on the web, single-window endorsement framework the nation over, to smooth out the procedures.

Fortify the database

A city-wise database for EWS/LIG recipients ought to be made, to help distinguish the correct recipients. The administration ought to likewise give recognizable proof papers/land titles, particularly on account of ghetto inhabitants.

Normalized venture plans and structures

A lot of direction archives with standard task plans/unit plans can be created, which can be utilized by the designers and can help in optimizing the endorsement procedure for ventures, in this manner, sparing exertion, time and cost and staying away from usage issues. The administration has presented chance based characterization of structures to quick track building plan endorsement, examination and award of inhabitance cum-fulfillment authentication in certain urban areas and could take a gander at executing the procedure the nation over.

Influence creative and ease innovation

The administration can set up a lot of rules with respect to the utilization of minimal effort innovation/development strategies and crude materials, to assist designers with actualizing these procedures in their undertakings.

Development innovation in China, Hong Kong, Singapore can be utilized in India. The legislature ought to likewise lessen obligation/charges on innovation that can be imported.

All you need to know about Basava Vasati Yojana

So as to give quality lodging to the destitute populace in Karnataka, the state government has consolidated the Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited, which gives pucca houses to socially and financially in reverse individuals. Under the Basava Vasati Yojana in the express, the candidates are at risk to get 85% of the crude material for home development from the legislature.

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Prestige Smart City

Recipients of Basava Vasati Yojana

The fundamental recipients of this plan are individuals living beneath the neediness line, or from the regressive networks. This plan is open just for changeless occupants of the state and transients are not permitted to apply under this lodging plan.

Qualification models for Basava Vasati Yojana

The state government has endorsed certain qualification rules, for the candidates who need to apply under the plan:

The candidate must be lasting occupants of Karnataka.

The candidate’s family unit pay ought not be more than Rs 32,000 for every annum.

The candidate ought not possess a pucca house anyplace in the state or nation.

Archives required for Basava Vasati Yojana

To apply for the lodging plan, candidates need the accompanying archives:

Aadhaar Card

Address verification

Age verification

Salary confirmation

Identification measured photograph

How to apply for Basava Vasati Yojana?

Candidates can apply online for the lodging plan. Follow this bit by bit strategy, to apply for the Basava Vasati Yojana:

Visit the official gateway for Karnataka’s Rajiv Gandhi Housing Corporation Limited.

Snap on the Registration interface on the landing page.

Enter all the necessary subtleties, individual data, for example, name of the candidate, date of birth, father’s name, contact subtleties, sex, pay subtleties, mandal, region and town name, address of the candidate and Aadhaar card number and transfer the essential reports.

The recipient list is concluded by the gram panchayat authority and will be accessible online for survey.

Basava Vasati Scheme 2021 helpline contact subtleties

Candidates can utilize the beneath offered address, to contact the expert for any error, or endowment related data:

Kaveri Bhawan, ninth Floor, C&F Block KG Road, Bangalore – 560009, Fax: 91-080-22247317, Email: and Contact Center: 080-23118888.

What is stilt parking and how does it impact building safety?

Could a manufacturer sell the brace parking spot in a task and are such structures safe? We answer a portion of the regular inquiries that home purchasers have, versus brace stopping.

Countless lodging social orders these days offer brace stopping, instead of open parking spots. These are generally regular in urban areas like Delhi and Mumbai, where space is restricted and giving an open stopping office isn’t an alternative.

Stopping is among the numerous issues, which prompts disarray and questions among lodging society individuals. This is the reason a purchaser must have lucidity about parking spots, regardless of whether it is brace or open space. In this specific circumstance, we expound what brace stopping is, its effect on the structure’s basic security, if the purchaser can sell it, and so forth.

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Godrej Royale Woods

Godrej Royale Woods

What is brace stopping?

In lodging social orders where space is a limitation, the ground floor space is utilized to give parking spot. To accomplish this, an eight-ft-high floor is built, which goes about as the somewhat secured parking spot, while likewise going about as base structure for the whole structure. In venture handouts, lodging social orders that have brace stopping are depicted as G+3 or G+4 structures, etc.

Lodging social orders that are based on such structures can utilize the space just for brace stopping and that’s it, under the arrangements of the law. Brace stopping can’t be transformed into worker quarters or a region to run business exercises.

Brace stopping: Legal point of view

So as to give lodging to a developing number of individuals inside downtown areas, a few corrections have been made in existing laws that characterize condo development in India’s large urban communities, to make brace stopping necessary. For instance, in the national capital of Delhi, brace stopping was made obligatory in 2011 for every single new society somewhere in the range of 100 and 1,000 sq meters.

Note here that brace stopping isn’t considered as a major aspect of the floor-space proportion. This implies if a manufacturer has an endorsement to develop a four-story fabricating, the vertical zone spent in building the brace stopping won’t be incorporated.

This arrangement is additionally valuable for home purchasers. For instance, in the NCR, purchasers can build one story after the ground floor, in their autonomous homes. Be that as it may, they can make it two stories, in the event that they make arrangements for brace stopping.

Would builders be able to sell brace parking spot?

All stopping offices are considered as a part of the ‘regular offices’ in lodging social orders. Aside from the land demonstration, the laws administering loft development across states likewise determine that vehicle leaving falls in like manner zones and isn’t a piece of the floor region proportion distributed to the engineer. Consequently, parking spots have a place with each partner in a lodging society and the designer has no option to sell the equivalent.

The Supreme Court additionally mentioned that objective fact, while passing a milestone decision in 2010, when occurrences of designers selling parking spots for a premium was expanding. Engineers charged lakhs of rupees from purchasers, for selling parking spots. “The brace parking spots can’t be put at a bargain by the designer, as he stops to have any title on equivalent to soon as the inhabitance authentication (OC) is given by the enterprise and it turns into the property of the general public on its enlistment. Thus, brace parking spot isn’t sellable in any way,” a Supreme Court seat of judges AK Patnaik and RM Lodha dominated.

How is brace parking spot assigned?

As the quantity of stopping openings accessible in a lodging society is constrained, individuals are commonly granted space for a restricted period by the inhabitants’ government assistance affiliation (RWA) on a first-come, first-served premise. Occasional changes are made by the RWA in this allocation, to suit new individuals. Note that the model structure standing rules and the National Building Code determine required parking spot for every unit in a lodging advancement. The manufacturer is obliged to give in any event one parking spot to a part.

Are structures with brace stopping safe?

Defamations have been thrown on the wellbeing of structures that remain on an empty ground as brace stopping. In a tremor manual named, ‘Handbook on seismic retrofit of structures’, the Central Public Works Department, in 2007, refered to brace developments as one of the significant inadequacies of building stone work. “A ground story without dividers (for vehicle leaving) can collapse,” says the manual.

Developers and municipal experts then again, contend that by applying successful planning methods that help balance the heaviness of the structure, the structure could be made tremor safe.

Expression of alert to purchasers

Purchasers ought to approach the manufacturer for the structure plan endorsement, on the off chance that they are purchasing a house in such a general public. This record would obviously express the quantity of parking spots, as affirmed by the specialists.

Manufacturers need to present an endeavor that says that the structures are all around planned and follow wellbeing standards, if the structure has brace stopping. Peruse the subtleties relating to this, to see whether the guarantee made in the endeavor remains constant truly.

If there should be an occurrence of an issue, you can move toward the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum to look for alleviation, if the RWA will not engage your solicitation.